Are you crazy about burgers and do you live in Aalborg? Then WeDoBurgers is an obvious place for you! WeDoBurgers is a burger restaurant with delicious burgers, crispy fries, dipping for these as well as beverages. If this sounds like something to you, you can visit WeDoBurgers in Aalborg at Borgergade 25.

At WeDoBurgers you can get menus for a maximum of DKK 85, which is why you can definitely get a meal that is SU-friendly here. Whatever you are for hamburger, cheeseburger, vegetarian or vegan options, you will find all of this at WeDoBurgers, so their selection is wide. This allows you to easily eat at WeDoBurgers, even if you do not eat meat. Therefore, there is room for everyone here, whatever your food preferences. If, however, you love meat, you can choose to add an extra steak or bacon to your burger for 10 bucks per steak and 5 bucks for bacon. If you love cheese, you can also add this to your burger. Here you can give your burger a twist in the right way so your taste buds can be spoiled.

The burgers at WeDoBurgers are made from the finest ingredients, which are carefully selected. Carefully selected means that they make sure they use only the freshest and most delicious ingredients to ensure you get a delicious burger served.

On their website, they describe that they are here to re-introduce the original burger. If you want to find out how such a burger tastes, take a look past WeDoBurgers on Borgergade in Aalborg. Whatever you choose to get the burger "to-go" with take away or "to-stay", you are sure to satisfy your burger cravings.
Does this sound like something to you, but can't you get up from your couch and leave your home? Then you can easily and conveniently order food from WeDoBurgers with delivery. This way you can have a good burger delivered directly to your front door, by ordering through this link . Then you can get tested if these are the best burgers in Aalborg.

Student Discounts

10% student discount if you show a valid student card.


Borgergade 25
9000 Aalborg C

Contact info

Telefon: 44 40 31 83

Opening Hours

Mandag: 15.30 - 21.00
Tirsdag - søndag: 11.30 - 21.00