Vraa School

Vraa School

Vraa School is a traditional and Grundvigian college, founded in 1872. Vraa University has since developed into a modern school where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Vraa School is located in the scenic Vendsyssel near the North Sea.

A stay at Vraa University is a unique opportunity for those who need to find the "you are good". Or for those who need a break in their studies - or just want to meet new people in a new and educational way. The motto at Vraa University's "desire to learn" and teaching is highly capable and disciplines, primarily within the creative. At Vraa University you get to work with photo, media, electronic music, interaction, textile and design, literature, project work, writings and numerous languages. Vraa University has 8 main subjects that can become a springboard for those who want to enter as music conservatory design schools Photo schools or journalism school.


Everyday at Vraa School is filled with interesting subjects, time for contemplation, good comrades and social activities: concerts, festivals, lectures, and fun theme days. You will certainly not be bored at Vraa University. Everyday starts with a buffet breakfast and morning assembly where all Vraa College students gathered before today's training starts. In the morning there is the teaching of the subjects you have chosen to follow in Vrå University. Teaching takes place primarily at the high school where facilities like workshops, photo compartment, smart board, sewing and o the like. provides the optimal environment for learning. In the evening organizes Vraa School often social events - at the same time you have as a student at Vraa University the opportunity to use the city's sports and fitness


The training is organized in modules of 3, 6 and 9 lessons, so you as a student have many opportunities to put together your own timetable. In addition to teaching at the University Vraa you also get thorough guidance and counseling.


Højskolevej 1A
9760 Vrå

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Telefon: 98 98 10 10
E-mail: info@vraahojskole.dk


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Vraa School
Vraa School
Vraa School
Vraa School