von Qualen

von Qualen

Rikke von Qualens background as a dressmaker make that in selecting the emphasis is on quality, and that there is always the opportunity to get your new vintage dress for the perfect fit! The dresses are a passion for Rikke von Qualen - it comes to the dresses get it right "home". "..a Candy store for the eyes," said one customer even -and this is what is meant by von Qualen.

Besides vintage von Qualen also selected brands. The new clothing is selected based on the criterion that it must "play" with vintage section. Last but not least is presented von Qualens own collection in the store.


Gammel Kongevej 91 C
1850 Frederiksberg C

Contact info

Telefon: 3322 2055
E-mail: rikke@vonqualen.dk

Opening Hours

Man-tors:11.00 - 17:30
Fre: 11.00-18:30


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von Qualen
von Qualen
von Qualen
von Qualen