Ville Heise Scholarship

Belongs to this/these group of educations

Health Sciences

Meant for

Projects and other activities

Application deadline

2nd quarter


Ville Heise Scholarship aims to support socio-educational and medical projects for children and youth.

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How to apply for the scholarship?

For the medical projects required application form can be obtained from the trust administrator, cf. Below. The social educational applications require no application form. The foundation administrator can be contacted at the following address: Ville Heise Grant v / Mette Rovsing Koch Long Kærvej 49 2720 Vanløse Tel. 38 25 25 33 (between the hours. 20 and 21)


June 1st.


The grant has three annual awards in April, August and November. There is only one annual distribution to medical projects (in the form of introductory and PhD scholars), the application deadline for this is June 1st.