Victor's Madhus

Are you looking for a delicious place in Aalborg, where you can get good food served in pleasant surroundings? Then Victors Madhus in Aalborg is just for you! Here, all the food is made from fresh ingredients, which makes the food of extremely high quality and especially tasty. Does this sound like something to you? Then visit Victors Madhus at Carl Klitgaards Vej 5 at Nørresundby close to Aalborg.

The menu offers something for everyone. In addition, they have small prices, which means that you as a student can easily eat a good meal at Victors Madhus without overturning the budget. On the menu you will find, for example, “Victors Chalkboard”, where you can choose between classic steak sandwich, pasta carbonara and grilled chicken sandwich. In addition, they have a large selection of both brunch, burgers, risotto, pasta dishes, sandwiches, wok, children's dishes and desserts. If this sounds like something to you, you may want to check out their website where you can see the full menu here . The menu is constantly updated with new and exciting dishes, all of which can be enjoyed in the restaurant or available as take away. In addition, they have brunch every Saturday and Sunday, where between 10am and 2pm it is only possible to order their brunch and their selection of drinks.

If you want to enjoy the food in the restaurant, you will experience the good and cozy atmosphere that is in the restaurant, which is definitely worth experiencing. Maybe you are more the type who likes to have your food as a take away and enjoy it at home by yourself? Whatever you want to eat in the restaurant or take it home, it's possible. If it is to go easy and fast with lunch or dinner, Victors Madhus is ready to cook good food for you and your loved ones.

Does this sound like something to you and your fellow students? Then you can visit Victor's Madhus, which serves a delicious meal at reasonable prices.


Carl Klitgaards Vej 5
9400 Nørresundby

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