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The valve

There is a solution if you take the first step! The valve is a volunteer organization that operates venues for quiet and lonely young people between 15 and 25 years. If you have trouble finding friends, or do not think you can talk seriously with them, you have - then you might consider getting one of our venues. Here are other young people who know about problems with shyness and loneliness, and some volunteers to make sure that there is safe and cozy.

Are you lonely?

Loneliness is a feeling. Therefore, it is impossible to come up with clear-cut answer as to when you are lonely - or what it all means. But if you do not feel you have no peers to talk to about the things that you go and think about, so you may feel lonely. On these pages you can read more about what it means to be young and lonely and how valve can help you.

Alone or with others
You can feel lonely even when you are with others. You might have some friends or peers, you just do not feel you can talk serious. It may also be that your really good friends live very far away, so you do not see them as often.

You may also feel lonely if you are very much alone - and have not chosen it. If you do not have to go into town or at the coffee shop with, and do not really see any peers outside school hours.

Hard to feel lonely
It's really hard to feel lonely. Many believe that it must be because there is something wrong with them, and get really bad self-confidence. And it also becomes difficult to handle the emotions and decisions realm of youth. For it is important to have friends to discuss both lovers, study, parents and more with.

All have tried to be solitary in between. Maybe it was my best friend not in school, or you saw something that filled so much that his friends did not really understand you. For many goods loneliness of a long period. It is natural to look after themselves, so if you've tried to be hurt by a close friend - or felt bullied and rejected by new classmates - so drag you maybe a little into yourself, and take care of opening up to others. But you can also be so closed that it is hard to make new friends.

The way out of loneliness
To get out of loneliness, then you should dare to open up. And for practice in meeting new people. It is also about working on yourself to become a good friend, and be as fair and responsive as you want your friends to be.

All the young people coming in valve venues, have tried to be solitary. We offer a cozy atmosphere where you can come as you are - and practice to meet new people. Here it is not taboo to say that you miss friends. But before you get in the valve, you must have decided that you are ready to work for it. It's not your fault that you're lonely - but you are the only one who can do something about it.

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To hear more about loneliness - or valve - then you can contact us at or phone 70208308.


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