Two Maidens

Do you want to visit a new café concept, located in Kolding city, which serves delicious food? Then you should check out Two Maidens at the address Slotsgade 13. Here you will find food and drinks that are both simple and uncomplicated at affordable prices. The name of the cafe comes from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the same name, and in this cafe you are guaranteed an adventurous experience.

Are you often confused about the large and incalculable menu when you go to the cafe and can't find head and tail in all the dishes? You must not fear this at Two Maidens in Kolding. Here the menu card is clear and simple. In this way you will not be confused by a lot of different options, but can easily and easily choose what you want to eat. However, the dishes are especially not boring for this reason, as each meal offers a unique and intense taste experience. Although the prices are not high, the quality of the raw materials is ensured.

Two Maidens is an obvious place for you as a student to visit. The prices are quite affordable and you can easily sit here either for a brunch or lunch, or if you have to meet with your fellow students for a coffee and a croissant. Here you are allowed to use the cafe as your respite in everyday life. Whatever it is in your spare time, at work, in studying, to relax or something fifth, there is plenty of opportunity to do this here.

Two Maiden himself describes that they cultivate the concept of coziness, which is clearly noticeable when you enter the cafe. The café is cozy and homely, and has an extremely cozy atmosphere. In addition, there is an attached courtyard for the cafe, where you can sit and enjoy your food, which is extremely advantageous, especially when the weather is good.

The service is top notch at Two Maidens, and as soon as you step in the door you are greeted by a smile. This is also something they are striving for at Two Maidens, where you are sure to always have your food and drinks served with a smile and a glimpse in the eye, adding to the friendliest atmosphere.

On the menu you will find various hot drinks, cakes, brunch, salad, tapas and various sandwiches. If you want a slightly different experience than the traditional cafe experience, you can order something from their wine and beer menu. Here you will find an exciting selection of beers and wines that are adapted to their various dishes.

If you want to have an adventurous cafe experience in Kolding, at great prices, delicious food and top-class service, then you can take a walk past Two Maidens!


Slotsgade 13, 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: +45 50 56 96 44

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 09.00-17.00
Lørdag: 09.00-15.00
Søndag: Lukket