Trattoria Italiana

Trattoria Italiana

In the heart of Copenhagen, in the Latin Quarter and near the shopping street, is the beautiful restaurant, Ristorante Trattoria Italiana. Apart from that you are in Denmark, so it will not be more Italian than this restaurant. All dishes, from antipasto to tiramisú is from Tuscany, like the wines are also Italian and rich. The selection of wines is furthermore quite extensive, and you will be carefully guided, so you get the wine that compliments your right is best.

When you enter the restaurant, you will enter a completely different world. This is partly because the special rooms restaurant located in, which is a listed building. The rustic rooms are cozy and the atmosphere is real Italian. The restaurant exudes warmth and good atmosphere, and one can not help but be in a good mood. Do you need to "get away" from the city and will try an evening with the Northern Italian mentality and cuisine, so a visit to Ristorante Trattoria Italiana what you need.

Book your table here and feel Italian for an evening.

The friendly staff will make sure that you get a good night with lovely food and a free welcome drink (if you have remembered to book a table). In true Italian fashion, flowing joy of delicious food and the love of food out of the restaurant. The white tablecloths and candles on the tables, as well as the subdued lighting, the setting for everything from a romantic dinner to a classic lunch with girlfriends. The restaurant can also provide a framework for companies up to 50 people. So is the family reunion guaranteed if you book well in advance.

At Ristorante Trattoria Italiana you can sit both inside and out. Enjoy a hot summer with outdoor seating of Stone-oven pizzas, which were you in Italy or sit inside in the winter and enjoy the heat radiated from the fresh and sweet hosts, waiters and waitresses. The classic Italian food is always to everyone's taste, and the fine wines completes the dinner. The Italian chefs always make food from the best ingredients that are never compromised with neither food nor control at Ristorante Trattoria Italiana, it is demonstrated. recommend that you put the road in the authentic Ristorante Trattoria Italiana and experience the sincere pleasure, you can taste of Italian food. The restaurant gets many great reviews, not just for the always delicious food, but also for the authentic atmosphere and good service. It's not just Italian for beginners, it's Italian for anyone who loves Italy and the atmosphere that comes with.

Book your table in cozy surroundings - you will not regret!


Gråbrødretorv 2
1154 København

Contact info

Telefon: 3312 1231

Opening Hours

Alle dage 11.00 – 23.00


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Trattoria Italiana
Trattoria Italiana
Trattoria Italiana