Tobbers Coffee Shop

Do you want to visit a coffee shop with an extremely cozy atmosphere and atmosphere in Kolding? Then you should definitely visit Tobber's Coffee Bar located at the address Munkegade 2.

The coffee shop is extremely authentic and it is clear to experience when visiting the cafe, but also when you read all the praising words the visitors have to say about the coffee shop. Here it is clear that it is a place you want to come back to.

The atmosphere in the cafe is relaxed and quiet, and everyone is welcome here. If you want to take a break with the study group here, you can sit and enjoy a coffee and sit with your computers. If you are with your family, friends or boyfriend, and just want to have fun and play some board games, then Tobber's Coffee Shop and the place to do just that. Here is also plenty of opportunity to sit and hold a meeting while sitting and enjoying a good meal.

On the menu you will find a wide selection of both hot and cold drinks at very cheap prices. The coffee shop is also modern in the sense that both soy and oat milk is served. In addition, they also have something sweet on the menu, which is both in the form of a lot of cakes. If you want a bowl, it is also possible to get this, just with butter, but it is also possible to buy cheese or jam.

The prices in the coffee shop are extremely student friendly, and although your budget is tight, it is possible to come in here for coffee and cake. They have a large selection in cake from only 5 kroner up to 25 kroner, which is incredibly cheap compared to normal cafe prices. Their various homemade snacks have a very student-friendly price, and as a student you can take a walk past here.

The service is top notch at Tobbers Kaffebar, where the staff is ready with a smile and is ready to welcome you and your order. Several of the customers in the coffee shop also emphasize that they think the service and the way of serving is extremely charming. This is in keeping with the food and decor of the place, which is also incredibly charming. In addition, the place is also described as a "home outside home", as you feel at home here.
Tobbers also has a food bar called Tobber's Madbar, which you can visit at the address Klostergade 27b if you want to experience some delicious food. Here is a lot of delicious and light food and a lot of drinking. Here, the prices are also quite manageable, and a good place as a student to go and visit if you want a delicious game of food for cheap money.

The prices, the service and the cozy atmosphere are all something that appeals to students, and therefore we at would like to recommend Tobber's Coffee Bar to students who are in Kolding, and lack a cozy and charming place to sit, either with the study group or friends.


Munkegade 2, 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 50209908 

Opening Hours

Mandag-fredag: 09.00 - 18.00
Lørdag: 10.00 - 16.00