Do you want to experience an authentic and charming Danish lunch restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen? Then you can take a walk past the Tivoli Hall, which is located at the address Vester Voldgade 91.

The restaurant is a cellar restaurant, which is extremely authentic and dates back to the 20th century. The interior is from 1920 and decorated with a lot of different exciting things that you will immediately experience when you step in the door of the Tivoli Hall. In addition, it is not just the decor that has an authentic feel from a hundred years back. Here in the restaurant is also provided to have a service that one could imagine at the time: a friendly and helpful service. Here at the Tivoli Hall, they often have suit-lined guests, as the restaurant is located close to both City Hall and Christiansborg, and therefore often houses politicians. Besides the authentic decor, the building itself is also an older one. It was built already in the 1790s, and in 1912 got the name Tivolihallen.

The restaurant is well-known for their good, Danish sandwiches. This is of course prepared from scratch, so you are assured of high quality food and with a good taste. It is clear that this lunch restaurant is extremely popular and of good quality, and the restaurant is even mentioned in the book "1001 Restaurants You Must Experience Before You Die", which clearly tells something about the quality.

On the menu you will find a large selection of fish, sandwiches, warm dishes as well as cheese and sweet cakes. In addition to their smørrebrød, you find here at Tivolihallen also warm lunch dishes and their specialty, which is cooked clipfish. There is therefore something for everyone if you choose to eat your lunch here. Of drinks you will also find a larger selection. Here you can get different wines, whether you are red, white or rosé. In addition, you can find different beers, water, spirits, cognac, coffee and tea.

If you want somewhere in the center of Copenhagen, where you can experience a genuine authentic Danish atmosphere and get delicious sandwiches or other Danish food, then you can take a walk past the Tivoli Hall and experience this.


Vester Voldgade 91, 1552 København V

Contact info

Telefon: +45 33 11 01 60
Mail: info@tivolihallen.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag-lørdag: 11.30-16.00 & 17.00 – 21.30

Søn- og helligdage: Lukket