The Jane

The Jane is a nightclub and a cocktail bar, where the age limit is 23 years. You will find The Jane located in the heart of Copenhagen on Gråbrødre Torv. The Jane runs the Food Men style fully and you are warmly welcomed when you step into the club.
You then follow the stairs down to the nightclub of 340 square meters, and then meet a karmin and a big bar. Here the bartenders are ready to make your favorite drink. In this way you start the party in the cool way: with a glass in your hand.

After having your drink, enjoy your cocktail either at the bar or in an adjacent room. You can sit down in Chesterfield sofas or soft plush-pulled chairs. Then it will not be more atmospheric.
In the various rooms there are various bookshelves that open during the evening and reveal some hidden doors. Behind the hidden doors there are several bar areas. This contributes to a mysterious atmosphere and a bold mood.

You can be sure that everything plays when you are at The Jane: there is a helpful and not least friendly staff who is in control of things and always provides a good service.
The bartenders are skilled and have a smile on their lips and glances in their eyes. They make you the most delicious cocktails.
The music, dance floor, the many beautiful people and the Mad Men-inspired frames help create the perfect atmosphere for your upcoming city trip.

You're guaranteed a good experience at The Jane - once you've been here, you'll come again.

"Hun virker som en forvirret og drømmelig visjon gennem cigarrrøyk og kasketter eller whiskyflasker, men jeg vet at hun er veldig reel og at hun har ensned mig i obligationer af irresistible ønske. I will be coming back to feel her tender hug as will many others, but none of us will be walking home with her. She has her own agenda ... "


Gråbrødretorv 8, 1154 København K

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Opening Hours

Torsdag: fra kl. 20.00
Fredag: fra kl. 16.00
Lørdag: fra kl. 20.00


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