Sundby Driving School

Driving licenses must be an exciting course, so it's important that you find a driving school that fits your needs so that you are a good driver.

A sensible driving school in Copenhagen
At Elbagade 22 in Copenhagen S you will find Sundby Driving School, owned by the driving instructor Marianne Bay. It is a small but good driving school with a high pass rate and reasonable prices. In addition, there is a focus on theory teaching always taking place in small teams. Normally there are no more than 12 students in each team, so there is time for everyone. That way you get the most out of your education. Marianne Bay has more than 30 years of experience as a driving instructor, and you will therefore be a safe student at Sundby Driving School throughout the course.

There are many advantages to taking your driving license at Sundby Driving School. In addition to reasonable prices and the high pass rate, you can expect close collaboration with your driving instructor Marianne Bay, which will make you safe when you are going to a test and driving test, but of course also during the theory lessons and driving lessons.

When you are in SU, it may be a pleasure when you need to take a driving license, but thankfully, Sundby Driving School offers a reasonable package solution of DKK 11,000 for the course. You can read more about prices on their website or by contacting the driving school.

Information regarding registration
When you sign up, it is not binding. The first evening is a non-compulsory information evening that lasts an hour and a half, where there is room for the first time to ask questions about the course, prices and more. You will get a taste of the theory teaching, and then there will be room for looking at a theory test. Then you can evaluate if you want to continue at Sundby Driving School.


Elbagade 22 B, 2300 København S

Contact info

Tlf.: 32 84 44 50
Mobil: 21 27 16 15


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