Soya Sushi

Soya Sushi

Soya Sushi is a delicious sushi restaurant that delivers throughout the metropolitan area from just 30 kroner.

"Say you have found Soya Sushi on, so you get 10% student discount if you are a student." Soya Sushi is a cozy place and the service is top notch.

Man feel welcome and the staff does everything that you get a good experience. Soya Sushi has many delicious flavors of sushi. For starters you should try you "Ebi tempura" which is deep fried tiger prawns with salad and gyoza which is pork and vegetables wrapped in a thin batter.

For the main course you will find all the classic flavors of sushi as ngiri, sashimi, uramaki, kaburimaki and Hoso-maki. Soya Sushi also offers a range of delicious menus. Try for example. their good summer menu that includes 11 delicious pieces of sushi for just 100, -.

Are many you can order the "Soya party" that contains no less than 40 nigiri sushi and maki rolls 64. Should you have the sushi, but has some visiting as not to sushi, so make Soya Sushi also delicious hot dishes.

Try for example. their Soya And there are pan-fried duck breast m. teriyaki sauce, soy salad and rice. Do not miss a great dining experience at reasonable prices from Soya Sushi.

Student Discounts

Say you found Soya Sushi on, so you get 10% student discount if you are a student.


Frederikssundsvej 294A
2700 Brønshøj

Contact info

Telefon: 38 60 60 64
Mobil: 24 81 22 39

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 14.00 - 22.00
Torsdag - søndag: 12.00 - 22.00



Soya Sushi
Soya Sushi
Soya Sushi