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If you are such a mouthwash and can not get enough sweet stuff, is just for you. The soup is your online self-store , where you can get your fingers in almost everything the way you dream about. has almost everything in stock, from freshly burned almonds to Haribo's vineyards, so there is ample opportunity to click exactly the type of home you're looking for.

Large selection

Whether you are looking for a very specific and specific type of candy or the most popular bestsellers, you can find it at It counts among other things:

  • The popular classics from Haribo
  • Kinder
  • Chocolate from Toms
  • Chips from Kims
  • Lakridspastiller from Läkerol
  • Toothpicks galore
  • And much more…

Sweet cases at wholesale price has the warehouse packed with different sweet stuff, which means that they can sell candy at spot prices because they buy into big batches. You can therefore get your sweet tooth without breaking the budget as everything is in wholesale prices. In particular, if you need to buy into big parties, if you have a shop or just want to spoil the office with lots of sweets, it can also pay well.

special Sweets also offers specials for those who are allergic or trying to avoid sugar. They therefore sell sugar-free candy that counts both wing mummies, sweet licorice, salty licorice and bolsjer. In addition, you can find gluten-free products, for those who try to avoid gluten, and you can also find gelatin-free products, because they do not eat meat or pig (as gelatine comes from pig).


Click around in the big candy universe at and get your ordered items delivered right to the door. If you order more than 500 kroner, delivery is free and if you order before 15 o'clock on weekdays, you can expect to receive it the following day. You should also be welcome to look past their warehouse, where you can also shop and take the goods with you right away. Their warehouse is located at No. Bjertvej 67 in Kolding, and they are open monday to friday from 15-17.


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