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SC Van Foundation supports people with Chinese nationality who are resident or temporarily staying in Denmark to complete higher education (documented Ph.D. or equivalent degree).


You must have a Chinese citizenship. The applicant must complete a Personal Information Table from SC Van Fonden and then forward it together with the following: 1. A written application (standard form exists not) in Danish or English, indicating the requested institution name, a project description and an indication of the duration of the project, the second diplomas and recommendation from the Danish or Chinese university, 3. documentation for the Danish or Chinese institution's acceptance of the applicant as a student / researcher, 4. information whether other funds are sought as well as services from and information about any kind of financial support (public or private funding) from both Denmark and China, 5. confirmation as in point A4 on financial support for the remainder of the study, if the support is sought for more than 3 years Ph.D. study, 6. possible. diplomas from the Danish college 7. possible. recommendation from teachers at Danish or Chinese college 8. briefing on knowledge of Danish, Chinese and other languages. 9. The applicant undertakes to explain the project. 10. The application MUST be written in Danish or English. Download Personal Information Table

How to apply for the scholarship?

Applications (e-mails are not accepted) submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the meeting to: SC Van Fonden Delfinvej 3 DK-5800 Nyborg


The deadline for applications in the months of March, June, September and December.


Tel. +45 63316334 Fax +45 63316363 E-mail: