Risskov Food House

Risskov Food House

In the lovely Risskov on the outskirts of Aarhus, located Risskov Food House, a restaurant with pizzas absolute top class. Besides pizzas in its different variations and sizes, the restaurant also has a good selection of grilled dishes and here you also get lunch specials for collection for only 39 kr., Where you can freely choose from 10 different pizzas, as well as durum with either kebab or chicken.

Risskov Food House located on Arresøvej 3, north of Aarhus C. Their ratings have been at the top ever since they came Hungry.dk, here you are assured incredibly good service, fast delivery and steaming hot and delicious food. Their elite smiley is they do not come for sleeping, they make great pride in always having the best and freshest ingredients available, which is certainly reflected in customer reviews.

The elegant menu, you will quickly see that their big star is the pizza, and it is also among the pizzas that one finds some of the customers' favorites. Are you more in the mood for something other than pizza, their durum in the degree also recommended and their crispy fries, even after a good drive, is just to get your teeth into. There are also salads and a good range kids dishes .

Is brought easily to your home, but you are also welcome to pick up the address Arresøvej 3 in Risskov.


Arresøvej 3, 8240 Risskov

Opening Hours

Mandag: 16:00 - 20:30
Tirsdag: 11:30 - 13:30 og 16:00 - 20:30
Onsdag: 11:30 - 13:30 og 16:00 - 20:30
Torsdag: 11:30 - 13:30 og 16:30 - 20:30
Fredag: 11:15 - 13:30 og 16:00 - 20:30 
Lørdag: 16:00 - 20:30
Søndag: 16:00 - 20:30


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