Restaurant Tabu

Restaurant Tabu

Restaurant Tabu is a modern restaurant in the heart of Aalborg, focusing on taste and fresh ingredients of good quality. Guests at Restaurant Tabu becomes your senses through a complete overall impression challenged via taste and gastronomy visual expression.

Behind Restaurant Tabu facing two strong business strong profiles that have complete control over the composition of gastronomy and wine. The kitchen is led by Kim Jeppesen, who trained as a chef at the gourmet restaurant De Gaulle in Copenhagen. Along with Susanne Marsh trained sommelier at Vinakademiet, the two created an innovative gourmet restaurant with a focus on quality and gastronomy.

Should you have a party in the form of birthday, wedding, confirmation or maybe something else helps Restaurant Tabu also with a gastronomic experience to this. They are namely to cook food for parties that include from 20 people upwards. Have you also need staff for your party, so you can enjoy the day, you can also safely leave this to the restaurant.

The menu and wine menu at Restaurant Tabu changed once every month in order to create a unique combination between the individual right and the wine's character.

Restaurant Tabu recorded in the White Guide Nordic
In 2015, the popular and powerful quality restaurant listed in the White Guide Nordic describing the restaurant as follows: "Casual Nordic Cooking is a description Suitable for Tabu - casual in a stylish way. There is an acute sense of seasonality, knowledge of flavors, presentation skills and overall competence behind the stove. Aalborg's absolute apex. "


Vesterå 5
9000 Aalborg

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Telefon: 88 19 60 58

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Restaurant Tabu
Restaurant Tabu
Restaurant Tabu
Restaurant Tabu