Restaurant Soya

Restaurant Soya is in the top 3 of the users on the AOA's assessment.

Find a delicious sushi and wok dishes. You can even mix your own right and you can book in advance on the website.

The restaurant sells everything from delicious sushi to wok dishes. It's wonderful here that you can mix your right so it's just as you want. On the restaurant's website you can book in advance. The ingredients are always fresh, ensuring you get high quality sushi. Perhaps even the city's best sushi? It is not least sushi that is worth all the money, and so the prices are even good and fair.

Aarhus is fortunate enough to be blessed with two of these restaurants. The other Restaurant Soya 2 is located in Vestergade 36, and is open every day 12:00 to 22:00. The one as nice as the other.

Are you so fond of sushi that you would like to do it yourself, so at Restaurant Soya 2 you can learn how to cook delicious sushi through a three hour sushi course. You can sign up for their courses on tel: +45 20 66 97 70 or per mail: . The sushi courses are held on Wednesday 17-20. Is there under 10 people signing up, it is moved to another day. On the course you will have a 3 hour sushi course with many fresh ingredients, as well as the sushi you make. You also get an optional beer / water or a glass of wine.

On the website you can keep up with very good deals for fresh and delicious sushi.

If you like sushi, this is the place for you.


Jægergårdsgade 60
8000 Århus C

Contact info

Tlf.: 86 18 43 88

Opening Hours

Mandag: 16:00 - 22:00
Tirsdag: 12:00 - 22:00
Onsdag: 12:00 - 22:00
Torsdag: 12:00 - 22:00
Fredag: 12:00 - 22:00
Lørdag: 12:00 - 22:00
Søndag: 12:00 - 22:00


Restaurant Soya's website