Rebekkavej Driving School

At Rebekkavej Driving lessons are tailored to the individual student. Driving licenses will not be given the "assembly line" - which ensures a high quality teaching. Therefore, there are high demands for driving school driving instructors - who are ready to give you a good experience. This is your guarantee for the best results.

Køreskolen keeps its promises:

Rebekkavej driving school wants to live up to their goal of quality and do not promise more than they can deliver - but keeps also what they promise. A confirmation of this you can get by for a chat with some of Rebekkavej Driving School many satisfied customers.

At the driving school held classes outside team, so you decide how fast you want to acquire your license and what pace you want to take your driving license.

Every Monday there is a free, no-obligation introductory meeting, to be held at the driving school.

Here you will be introduced to how to acquire a license and the rules and requirements you must meet is to get a driver's license.

For the introductory meeting, you will also get information on how taught in driving school and you will have the opportunity to greet drive the teachers and get answers to all your questions about the license and the course up to.

Student Discounts

500 kr


Rebekkavej 24–26
2900 Hellerup

Contact info

Telefon:32 10 68 69
Telefon:60 21 14 21

Opening Hours

Mandag - Fredag
Kl. 9:30 - 20:00

Kontor åbent:
Mandag - Torsdag
Kl. 16:00 - 19:30


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Rebekkavej Driving School