Psychomotor education

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Denmark SU berettiget Profession Bachelors 4 year Gymnasiel
City Denmark
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Profession Bachelors
Duration 4 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Psychomotor education

Stress is one of the most commons just common diseases in Denmark. It is a widespread disease, we have built up over time after women have come in the labor market. We want to spend more of our time than we do and why we stress.

It affects our psyche and can affect us in so negative degree that we become paralyzed or goes down and gets really sick.

One of the possibilities of working with stress and relaxation are Psychomotor education.

Psychomotor education is about the human body and psyche, but as a whole. You will be trained to psychomotor therapist, the previously called relaxation therapist.

Training of Psychomotor therapist alternates between practice and theory, and your own body actively involved in the exercises. There are classes in society, humanistiske- of natural, health sciences, and of course in the psychomotor too.

Over the three and a half years training takes, do an internship, which can be both in large companies, but it can also be a health center or a hospital.

One of the ways we are unwinding on is a bit like in yoga, where you use your body to relax. But anatomy and physiology, allows you to learn all the same elements as a physical therapist also teaches.

When you finish training you can work in prevention, or to treat or teach both children and adults. Employment is typically in the health sector, having independent practice, or treat in private companies.

Job Opportunities

Psychomotor therapist

Special admission requirements

You must have one of the following programs to apply for admission: High school (stx), higher preparatory examination (hf), higher technical examination (HTX), higher commercial exam (HH), eux. Particularly higher preparatory courses for foreign language (GIF) Social and Health Education (step 2). The educational assistant training. A relevant vocational training. 9 months work experience and 4 upper secondary school single. The recording is done in all cases on the basis of a qualifying interview.

Application deadlines

The program is connected to the coordinated enrollment system (KOT). When you are admitted on the basis of a qualifying interview, you must apply by 15 March at. 12:00. The program begins in August / September and in February.