Mental Health you will find in the heart of Copenhagen situated close to Nørreport. Kenan Hansen has founded the clinic, which aims to help individuals, couples, employee or organizations that in one way or another, have trouble overcoming everyday. Psykoligisk intervention consists of providing the client NEUPOGEN therapy, counseling, coaching and supervision.

All inquiries are confidential, and thus you are assured that you can easily and effectively get your mental health problems for life.

Consultation can be in Danish, English, Turkish or Spanish.


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Mental Health is located in the heart of the city, just off Nørreport. in Copenhagen. It is founded by psychologist Kenan Hansen and it exists to help individuals, couples, people and organizations in two ways:

1. psychological intervention

2. Mindfulness courses and training

Psychological intervention (treatment, counseling, coaching and supervision)

The goal of Mental Health is helping clients to overcome whatever prevents them from functioning in their daily lives. Whatever you are struggling with, so you do not go through it on their own. The support that you need is provided in a safe, understanding and confidential environment, to help you with your problems effectively and quickly.

You can help a wide range of problems that I am qualified to treat, such as stress, anxiety disorders, phobias, shyness, anger, jealousy, low self-esteem, depression, grief, loss, crisis, trauma, abandonment, addiction problems study, cultural issues and other personal problems. Al therapy is also available to few.

In addition to therapy, I offer also vejdledning and coaching, if you have problems or challenges in your workplace or in your personal life, to make this special time easier for you.

Consultations are offered in Danish, English, Turkish and Spanish and also without delays.

Mindfulness courses and training

I am certified Minfulness instructor and lecturer. The philosophy and the effective techniques of Mindfulness makes it a very special form which can be used both in our personal and professional lives. Therefore Mindfulness been an increasing value in our era and I've seen countless people from all walks of life benefit from it and improve their quality of life in all ways.

The different courses in Mindfulness, which I offer include one-day courses in Mindfulness, Mindfulness-based stress reduction and Mindful Eating (against overeating). All my courses, training and lectures are available for individuals, groups, municipalities, corporations, hospitals, schools and other similar institutions. In addition to my established courses, you can book me to organize courses and lectures, either at my address in Copenhagen or in Denmark and abroad.

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