Pre FlightCheck course

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Business courses 2 uger Ingen
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Business courses
Duration 2 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Pre FlightCheck course

With a Pre Flight Check (PFC) course from Pro Pilots Consulting can help you grasp the aviation industry and to take those for you, "right" choice. This is for people who are seriously considering becoming a pilot and who want to make sure that all aspects are covered before you make a decision. To ask the flight schools for advice on the industry may be likened to ask a realtor for advice on whether to buy the home that is for sale. One way you might describe our course on the = "status report" + a number of good advice along the way.

Get help from people with experience

With this course you gain an important insight into the industry with the opportunity to be guided in relation to what is the (t) "right" for you. On PFC course you will be guided by an experienced trained pilot assigned to Team Pro Pilots.


PFC course consists of 3 modules:

PFC Module 1
Going via email. Please answer a number of questions. We analyze your answers and then tailor Module 2 in cooperation with you.

PFC Module 2
Meeting the 1.5 hour duration with an experienced pilot, in addition delivery of customized material.

PFC Module 3
Going via email. We answer any questions arise as a result of the meeting and the materials provided.

How long does a PFC course and what is included in the price?

PFC course organized your calendar. Should it go fast it can be implemented in under a week. Typically extend the 3 PFC modules over 2 weeks. The course is very flexible and you can fine study or work alongside. There is no time pressure.

The course costs 2,750 kr. And included in the price are:
• All e-mail correspondence as well as possible. telephone on Module 1 and 3
• Meeting Location, coffee / tea / water below. sweet on module 2
• Written material that you can take home

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