Polytechnic College Company

Polytechnic College Company

Polytechnic College Company has 9 colleges. Here is a description of some of them:

William Demant College
William Demant College is a nyerekollegie built in 2002 with capacity for 100 residents. William Demant College is located at the Technical University, and it is obvious to students at DTU to find a room at the William Demant College.

There are cards from William Demant College for Lyngby center and Deer Park is just 2 km. from the college. Close to William Demant College is located Lyngby pool, so you have good possibilities to dip every now and then. Transport links to Copenhagen city center is good - both via bus and S-Trains.

William Demant residence has 100 rooms are alike in size 15 m2. All rooms are equipped with a French balcony on the first floor, and a door out to the green areas in the living room.

There are aerial socket to the TV and radio, as well as free Internet connection. The house rules are that 25 rooms share 2 kitchens. In the basement of the college, there is a large laundry room with washers and dryers - it costs a nominal fee to use these services.


William Demant College
Akademivej 100

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

It is a requirement that is actively studying to be allowed to stay at the college. Do you want to register for a place please contact PKS
.nu , which is responsible for the administration of the college. They take care of any questions you may have.

Villum Kann Rasmussen College
Villum Kann Rasmussen College is located close to the Technical University of Denmark, and many of the residents studying at DTU. There is room for 84 residents at the Villum Kann Rasmussen College, which has 3 floors and divided into 3 blocks. Each floor houses 14 rooms that are size 36 m2, and is decorated with 2 rooms of 12 m2 and a small kitchen, toilet and bath. There are aerial socket to the TV and radio in every room, as well as Internet access. It is possible to call for free to all DTU-colleges via the internal telephone system. Apply for housing here.

PO Pedersen College
The college is located in a peaceful residential neighborhood about 2km from Lyngby Station. The distance to the Technical University of Denmark is about 5 km. In the center of Copenhagen (University Business School, etc.) is about 12 km, which is by bus / train is equivalent to 30 minutes. Furthermore, running the night bus to Lyngby station every night. College Address is: POPedersen College Haraldslunvej 38 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Kampsax College
Kampsax College is the largest of the colleges PKS manages with 521 single rooms. The college was built on the DTU area in 1969-70. The central location on the DTU area provides good connections both to the center of Copenhagen and Lyngby. Lyngby has bus services with a journey time of approximately 10 min. Will you to the center of Copenhagen, is associated with highway buses on weekdays (travel time about 30 min). At night the night buses close by the college. The distance to King Deer Park is about 1km. Kampsax College Student Bakken 9, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Paul Bergsøe College
Paul Bergsøe College consists of 352 single rooms and 32 double rooms built around communal kitchens in two story buildings. Collegiate reason is arranged so that there are green areas between the blocks. The college has its own park adjacent to the forest around Mølleådalen, you can go from the college through the woods and out in Deer Park. The college is located some 16 km north of Copenhagen, and there are good bus and train services to include Lyngby (15 min.) And Copenhagen city center (30 min.). It offers an inexpensive shared laundry with the college. There is also a kiosk and pizza / grill, where you can buy food and other necessities for very little money.
Register at their website here.
Bergsøe College Skodsborgvej 190 2850 Nærum

Cooperative College Student Bakken
Cooperative College Student tray is between large college that are geographically located on the DTU-Campus and is much sought after in studynd at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). You do not need to be enrolled at DTU to apply for one of the 75 attractive share apartments which are available at Cooperative College Student Bakken. The apartments are 1- and 2-bedroom apartments share that has its own kitchen, a private bathroom with underfloor heating, shower, and washer and dryer. There is a possibility of broadband Internet and delicious greenery close.

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