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City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Business courses, Courses on specific subjects, Access Courses
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Education Institution law Institute
staff Jura

If you are employed in the HR department of a company or do you plan to go to go to this area in the future? There are many things you should be aware that you do not necessarily learn in your current or previous education.

In this course, the Personnel Law, you gain insight into the main legal rules that exist in the field. That way you avoid getting into unfortunate situations when you are hiring or dismissing staff. There are many companies who have not familiarized themselves with the applicable legislation and subsequently going to make decisions that can have major financial consequences for the company in the form of compensation or penalty notices if a person has been wrongfully fired. The same applies to situations where the employment contract is not properly prepared.

There is nothing as annoying for a company like a fool of myself because of mistakes that could have been prevented if only they had had the right skills for the job. If you are already employed in a company where the chance of mistakes is larger than average, you should probably suggest the management to attend this course because you will come back with adequate skills to prevent these personnel mistakes.

You are taught by the best and brightest lawyers at the Law Institute. The latest changes in the current legislation is always taken with the teaching, so that you will be fully updated on the latest in the profession. The focus is on employment agreements and the Salaried Employees Act and the Holidays Act. You get a thorough review of the rules on sickness, maternity leave and other leave options.

In relation to the employment relationship, you learn everything about notice periods, which denunciations that are properly carried out and which ones do not count, as well as the conditions applicable to employees who are specially protected, as well as discrimination rules. Last but not least you insight into the rules about expulsion.

Once you know the laws, you will always be strongest in the Staff Regulations, as long as you have acted according to law. You will know all the little quirks that can be and you avoid making mistakes.

The course is for all who benefit from and want to be strengthened in their expertise, personnel manager or HR responsible. If you work in an unemployment fund, it also has much to say that you can help your members ahead with the best information and sparring.

It can also be a very rewarding course for you, as an employee, to learn the law to know, so you do not face with hair in the mailbox of a possible wrongful firing.
Is that something that appeals to you, then register for the course here.

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