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Take the license with one of Denmark's largest driving school chains:

To take your driver's license at the East Gate Traffic School also means a great freedom and flexibility. Baltic Port Traffic School is in fact part of one of the largest driving school chains:

The different departments offer theory classes several times a day, and when you are not dependent on a team, you can choose where, when and how often you take your theory hours. You can thus even "speed up" your driving lessons up.

Baltic Port Traffic School sells not necessarily the city's cheapest package for driving license - as the driving school's emphasis on the final price of the license.

An inexpensive license package may prove to be the most expensive, if not that can be offered skilled and qualified training that gives you the best yield, the necessary skills and hopefully passed a driving test and theory test in the end.

At the East Gate Traffic School you will find dedicated driving instructors who are ready to give you a safe and enjoyable experience when you are out on the road in the car as well and learn about traffic rules. Similarly, the Baltic Port Traffic School teaching materials of the highest quality to ensure you get the best aids and tools designed to help you arrive at the license.

At the East Gate Traffic School is flexibility and freedom also paramount. Teaching is no team, so you therefore determines even when you want to take lessons. You can also choose where you want to receive training when it is offered at five centrally located driving schools in Copenhagen - so that taking a driving license is no longer synonymous with late nights and cancellations of work or education. With the Baltic Port Traffic School you can fit theoretical instruction and driving hours into an otherwise busy life.

Baltic Port Traffic School offers a free introductory evening before starting the driving school, so you have the ability to "sniff" a little to the fabric before you begin.
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Baltic Port Traffic School
Baltic Port Traffic School
Baltic Port Traffic School