Nadia's Sandwich

Nadia's Sandwich

Nadia's Sandwich is a small cafe, which specializes in making healthy sandwiches and brew good coffee. Food with Nadia are always made from fresh ingredients of the best quality and prepared by happy, service minded and efficient clerks. You can order sandwiches, bagels and salads at Nadia's Sandwich - range of fillings and accessories is large and it's healthy to eat at Nadia.


All sandwiches at Nadia's Sandwich is homemade and you can choose between very delicious fillings. The bread for the sandwich available as urtestykker, wraps, baguettes, rye bread dumpling, chili pieces, bagel (light and serious) and ciabatta - a selection of fillings here:

Chicken and bacon
Paprika Marinated turkey and pineapple
Ham and cheese
Homemade tuna salad
Homemade shrimp salad
Salmon and asparagus
Pepperoni and cheese
Greek meatball and tzatziki

Other good things on the menu:

Deluxe Parma - Parma ham, mozerella, cream cheese, green pesto, pine nuts, red peppers, arugula, fresh krølsalat and iceberg
Deluxe Chorizo - Chorizo, red pesto, sour cream dressing, sundried tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, arugula, fresh krølsalat and iceberg
Brunch bagel - Chorizo, fried egg, bacon, cream cheese, pineapple, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, fresh krølsalat and iceberg
Italian bagel - Parma ham, mozerella, cream cheese, green pesto, pine nuts, red pepper, tomato, red onion, arugula, fresh krølsalat and iceberg
Hot Chicken - Marinated chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, tomato and red onion
Hot Turkey - Turkey breast, roasted parma ham, cheddar cheese, red pesto, tomato and red onion


The following offer is you can use in one of Nadia's sandwich shops:

Maxi Menu: 1 Large sandwich optional Human super juice - Total only 49 kr.
Mini menu: 1 Regular sandwich optional Human chi tea - Total only 39 kr.


Nadia's Sandwich also offers froosh smoothie that can perk up and be a good start on a stressful day - all smoothies are made from 100% fresh fruits and no added sugar or preservatives.


Prices at Nadia's Sandwich is very sensible and student friendly - you can buy a sandwich in regular size for only 25 kr. The vast majority of prices is between 30 kr. 40 kr. For sandwich, bagel and salads.

Student Discounts

YES - 10% student discount on all food.


Reberbansgade 12B
9000 Aalborg
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Contact info

Telefon: 98 12 31 23

Opening Hours

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