Move'n Act

Move'n Act

Theatre School Move'n Act was established in 1996. As an integral and living part of Aarhus and performing arts and cultural environment is the guarantor of quality and inspirational teaching in acting technique at all levels.

At Move'n Act you get:

  • A thorough training in basic techniques and concepts in the performing arts
  • Support to uncover your talent and develop a personal expression
  • Contact for the professional performing arts environment
  • A serious and individual guidance on your potential and opportunities
  • Physical and mental training

Performing Arts is a craft to be learned. It requires dedication and purposeful work, and it is a task they take very seriously. They help you to achieve the academic, artistic and personal goals you set yourself for a course in Theatre School Move'n Act.

Selected testimonials from previous students:
"Being at the school have been wonderful, and much better than I expected. First I had written me up for the six months to test it out and see what it was - as an experiment ...

Now I'm trying to make theater, full time and rates. And then I just fell in love with it - it's so cool! Professionally, it has exceeded my expectations. Teaching is very competent and challenging in all sorts of plans. "Ida -elev on Move'n Act 2013/14

"The school is super well integrated in Aarhus' theater environment. We come out and see a lot of shows, meet a lot of people in the environment and have tried a lot of workshops with competent people. "Mikkel - a former student at Move'n Act 2013/14


Grønnegade 93E,
8000 Aarhus

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tel: 6075 9636


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