Monki - Copenhagen

Are you looking for a clothing store in Copenhagen that can offer fashionable clothes at reasonable prices? If so, we have a bid for you here that you will most likely benefit from. The branded clothing Monki offers clothing that follows the trends of the time - at affordable prices. It sounds like a dream to a young student. Monki in Copenhagen has address in the middle of Strøget, namely at Kømagergade 3.

No doubt when you meet a Monki store on your way. The Swedish clothing chain has a visual expression that must be said to be a class of its own, and thus helps to separate Monki from other clothing chains on the market. Fortunately, if you do not have a Monki store near you, you can also shop for the colorful Monki clothing online, through the clothing chain's website. So you can easily and quickly find out if Monki has some items that will suit your taste by checking out the website.

Monki is undoubtedly a clothing chain that offers a bit of everything. In the clothing chain range you will find everything from dresses, jackets, tops and jens to trousers, nightwear and underwear. In addition, Monki also has a large selection of accessories that you can take a closer look at. This includes everything from socks and jewelry to bags and gloves.

When it comes to the selection of items at Monki, it can be safely said that the color palette has not been turned down. On the contrary. Here you can really buy some exciting items that can help to spruce up your wardrobe without breaking the budget. However, Monki also offers some more classic basic items, so there should be plenty of opportunity to find some items that fit your preferences or a friend's wishes if there is a birthday or other celebration in the near future.

Monki has a profile on Instagram where you can get a lot of inspiration for new items that can become part of your wardrobe. If you buy a piece of clothing or accessory from Monki, share your styling on Instagram and tag @Monki and #monkistyle to inspire others who are looking for new wardrobe items,

All in all, we highly recommend you check out Monki on your next shopping trip (online or in real life). Here you will find everything from basic items to the more colorful items, which in each way can help give a new breath to your wardrobe. The prices are affordable and the selection is really big. On the clothing chain's own website you can find out where a Monki store is located near you.


Købmagergade 3
1160 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 36 97 96 01

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag: 10.00 - 18.00
Søndag: 11.00 - 17.00


Monki - Copenhagen's website