MinKøreskole is not any driving school. At minKøreskole's student in focus - and it is also seen in students from minKøreskole is 2-4 weeks faster to get driver's license than students from other driving schools.

The school handled by Morten, who has experience from his previous work on two of Copenhagen's largest driving schools. Likewise, he has worked as a professional teacher; taxi, limousine, ambulance transport mm.

Theory Teaching controlled course of a living person, but also makes use of the latest teaching film mm. it focuses on the quality and yield of teaching - but that does not mean that there also may have fun teaching, where there is free coffee, tea and soft drinks and is always open 15 minutes before class starts.

Flexibility is something that minKøreskole by means a lot to run schoolchildren, whether you go to school or work, it is difficult to take time off fourth Tuesday in a row. That's why the driving school should be run at least every other Saturday or Sunday, plus a couple of weekdays as'lange' days - this allows also to run outside work; or school - although some flexibility both ways always works best.

Likewise, there are pick / put arrangement to driving hours where possible terms. Residence, or the type of drive.

At minKøreskole is manageable prices with no hidden gebyer. Likewise, you will find a driving school with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere - created in collaboration between the driving instructor and students.

- To take the driver's license is something you will remember for a lifetime, so it's an experience that you would like to be able to look back on with a smile.


Ndr. Jernbanevej 29
3400 Hillerød

Contact info

Telefon: 22 400 727

mail: kort2015@outlook.dk


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