Middle East Studies

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Odense SU berettiget Masters 2 year Bachelor University of Southern Denmark
University of Copenhagen
City Copenhagen, Odense
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Masters
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Bachelor
Education Institution University of Southern Denmark
University of Copenhagen
Middle East Studies

With Mellemøststudier you come close to the Middle Eastern world with all its variations of politics, religion, economy, culture and community building.

You will learn about the issues that characterize the Middle East, as well as the many opportunities the area provides. Students with a thorough understanding and great knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs, is interesting both from a public to a private industry optics, especially since the area is a large market for export.

So if you find Middle Eastern history and culture interesting, so consider choosing Mellemøststudier as your master's degree. At the end of the training, it is possible to take a three-month stay at a Middle Eastern university, organization, political institution or internship at a private company in the region.

To be admitted to the Middle East Studies, you can select multiple entries. You may have read Arabic or Hebrew first and then study further the Middle East Studies. Here you will then get further knowledge of the area you are employed you on the bachelor's program.

Among other things, a special main area that will never be exhausted, Palestine and Israel conflict. You will also be taught in the relationship between the modernized states in the Middle East and those who want the indigenous culture.

Depending on whether you want to increase your linguistic and socio-professional profile or you want to improve your historical, religious and cultural profile, select respectively. University of Southern Denmark.

At the University of Southern Denmark, you also get the political and economic aspects in their luggage, but basically you will get all the information you need at both universities with some minimal differences.

Everything depends essentially on the teacher.

Classes are held in English only at SDU, which could be the basis for a greater diversity of backgrounds among the students.

Your title when finished is a Cand. Mag.

At the University of Southern Denmark in Odense you can also choose Mediterranean Studies, as an option in the program, so you get a full understanding of the culture that prevails in the area.

Mediterranean Studies focuses on the two shores of the Mediterranean. The countries north of the Mediterranean is strongly influenced by the EU, and has a completely different cultural heritage in relation to the Middle Eastern countries. Hence, the need for students with competencies in cultural understanding and knowledge of the political, economic, religious and cultural conditions that prevail in the Middle East.

The purpose of the training is to train people who can perform integration tasks, the role of consultant in both the public-private sector aimed at interaction with the Middle Eastern countries. Students with academic grounding of Mediterranean Studies find employment in international organizations, embassies, ministries, NGO organizations and integration institutions.

Job Opportunities

Teacher, cultural promoter, integration employee, export consultant employed in ministries or NGO organizations,

Special admission requirements

Admission to the master's program in Middle East Studies assumes that you have completed a Bachelor's degree or equivalent education abroad.

Related student jobs

You can work in an import / export company dealing with Middle Eastern products, or you can work at various embassies to improve your subsequent work opportunities.