Massage Training - Medical Certified massage therapist

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Courses on specific subjects 6 year Ingen Jysk Physiologically Massage Institute
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Courses on specific subjects
Duration 6 year
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Jysk Physiologically Massage Institute
Massage Training - Medical Certified massage therapist

Become a skilled masseur with a good foundation: 110 hours

  • Want a new career or new job skills?
  • Are you passionate about working with people?
  • Want to see results of your work?
  • Do you feel the joy when you've helped a client?
  • Want a good foundation which treats?

With a massage training as lægeeksaminerer masseur with us you have a solid toolbox, where there is room for all the special tools. In practical terms, you learn to give a full body massage and feel the tension in the muscles, and in theory you learn primarily about muscles, bones and joints.

As a graduate masseuse can give an effective massage, releasing tension and make a difference to common voltage problems such as headaches, ischiasprobler, back pain and more, here you can see the results of your work immediately.

You are taught once a week over 20 weeks, taught in school (not e-learning) either on the day or evening classes ( see calendar ).

In education, we are very focused on the individual student is in the classroom, making teaching empathetic, thoroughly explained and visual.
Requires any. an additional lesson, it's what we do.

The program is on academic high level and requires 8-10 hours of homework per. week, depending on how good you are learning.

All exams are produced and censored by an orthopedic surgeon.
After the training you have the opportunity to join in our company massage networks. We handpick our best students to the massage jobs we are continually getting into.

You also get access to our growing Facebook community where you can spar with like-minded mass ears. At the same time, you also get access to Masseur Login at the top of this page. Here you get regular info about jobs, general info, videos and tips mm.


  • Practical physiological massage
  • Muscle Doctrine and theoretical massage
  • Correct posture and working techniques
  • Treatment of injuries and sports injuries
  • clinic Operations

Price: only 11,900, - training costs from 1 January 2014 13.900, - incl. large studio package for 4600, -

Duration: 6 months.

Download, sign and send course contract today and book your place on the next team (only 8 places) +45 24 40 00 36 or send an email to mail @