Margot and Thorvald Dreyer Foundation

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Social Sciences
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Studies and internships abroad

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1st quarter
3rd quarter


This scholarship is available to people within the Danish architect and lawyer stand. The Fund will primarily be used to study aids and other travel grants that will strengthen and benefit the architecture and the legal profession.


Applicants must provide recommendations and applicants for student travel grants should subsequently prove to be admitted to university or similar institution. Lawyers will only be eligible after passing the degree and preferably if they are employed in the legal profession. A study is normally expected to have a duration of at least 3 months, and scholarships for shorter trips will only be assigned to a specific research project. Architecture Students will be eligible preferably at an advanced level of study by awarding smaller grants. You should be taxable in Denmark.

How to apply for the scholarship?

Application forms can be downloaded from the website, obtained by e-mail or mailing address.


Be requested before: on 15 January and 15 July.


There will not normally be awarded scholarships involving amounts less than 10,000 kr. Will be awarded approximately 12 million. kr. Distribution Period: April and November.


Margot and Thorvald Dreyer Foundation Løvenborg Vesterbrogade 34 1620 Copenhagen V Tel .: 33 25 53 11 Fax: 33 25 53 05 e-mail: website: