Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand

At Kømagergade 5 in the heart of Copenhagen K you will find Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand. First of all, you can shop for designer clothes and accessories. You can also get help from Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand to sell your own styles and accessories.

It may well be that luxury brands and students at SU at first glance do not go hand in hand. However, it may still be that as a young student, you have a place in the budget at some point to treat yourself a little extra, if you are naturally reluctant to invest in designer clothes and accessories. This is where Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand comes up. Here you can shop new items for your wardrobe from exciting brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Isabel Marant, Ganni and Givenchy.

You can find the selection at Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand on their Instagram profile right here.

However, at Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand you can also get help selling your designer clothes and accessories. The store has some requirements as to how your items should be before they receive it for sale. Every day (except Sunday) the store receives your goods and you do not have to make an appointment to get past the store. Your item (s) will be allowed to be in the shop on BUYMAGERGAD for a full two months. If what you submit is sold, you get 50% of the selling price, so you naturally get something out of your sales as well. If it is a more expensive item that you want to get rid of, you agree with the store a distribution that will be advantageous for you. This depends, among other things, of new price and condition. You can read much more about handing in goods and other practical items on the store's own website.

If you just cleaned out your wardrobe and found a piece of designer clothing or accessory, you may need Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand to help you with your sales! You can also visit the shop on BUYMAGERGade 5 if you want to treat yourself to a more expensive item, since Magnolia's Luxury 2ndhand only sells branded goods. You can visit the store with great advantage on Instagram to get an insight into the store's universe.


Købmagergade 5
1150 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 42 70 66 66

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 11.00 - 18.00
Lørdag: 11.00 - 17.00 
Søndag: lukket


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