Magasasa is a Chinese restaurant on Istedgade 4 in Copenhagen. On Magasasa you can get an authentic Chinese dining experience in a restaurant that is decorated in true Hong Kong style.

If you arrive in Copenhagen by train, you'll find easy Magasasa which is close to the Central Station. Are you on the go, then offers Magasasa Chinese take-way that you can easily have with lunch or quick dinner.


Prices of Magasasa are very sound and may in the often referred to as student-friendly. The vast majority of dishes can be ordered for less than 100 kr. And take-away dishes provide other eateries competition to the line.

The menu

The menu at Magasasa is based on the Cantonese cuisine, where you can enjoy traditional dishes from Guangdong. Cantonese cuisine makes extensive use of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, chicken, beef, pork, duck, many kinds of beans, soy, shrimp, seafood and of course rice and noodles. See here a selection of Cantonese dishes you can order from the menu:

Beef in bean sauce
Squid with seasonal vegetables
Chicken with Gong Bao sauce
Deep fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce
Steamed scallops with spring onions and ginger
Stir fried Choy-sum (Chinese vegetables) with garlic
Rice with roast duck
"Golden Chopsticks" - with duck and crispy pork
Baked pork with sweet and sour sauce


Magasasa is a popular take-away eatery where many busy locals order their lunch and take-away. The advantage is that Magasasa serving their Chinese dishes in convenient packaging and so are the prices so low that many people prefer delicious Chinese food compared to a hotdog or the like. When you order take-away from Magasasa can virtually order everything from the menu to take away. See here a selection:

Wan-Ton soup
Beef bun soup
Fried noodles / rice noodles with chicken
Fried noodles / rice noodles with king prawns
Rice with marinated pork
Rice with soy chicken
Omelet with pork, bean sprouts and tomato sauce
Baked chicken with sweet and sour sauce
Lamb with Chen-pi sauce baked fish with sweet and sour sauce


Magasasa is a fine selection of drinks and you can f. Ex enjoy authentic Chinese tea to the food. Try f. Ex:

Chinese Pu-Erh Tea
Chinese Wu-Long Tea
jasmine Tea

Other drinks include the known soft drinks brands, Carlsberg, Danish specialty beers and two Chinese beer - Tisngtao and Singha.


Istedgade 4
1650 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 3323 8088

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 23.00


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