Mads Nørgaard - Aarhus

Nørgaard at Strøget / Mads Nørgaard is a classic in the clothing industry and here is something for you whether you are at SU or a high-paying career woman, whether you feel most comfortable in daring designer clothes or in a black sweater. You will find Nørgaard on Strøget located in both Aarhus and Copenhagen. You can find Nørgaard on Strøget in Aarhus at Badstuegade 1K . If this sounds like something to you, then you may want to visit their store on the street, which is certainly easy to get to if you are already in town.

The store's buyer keeps abreast of the new trends. In return, you will always be able to find standard products, such as the classic knit cotton t-shirt of its own design, which has been manufactured in Denmark since the 70s, and of which Nørgaard aims to fill 50% of the shelves. The wide span in both style and price allows you to get a plastic chalkset for a hundred-krone note or shop amok in creations and bags from, for example, Miu Miu. Nørgaard also sells super-jellies of the format such as sunglasses, jewelry and sparkling scarves.

Mads Nørgaard is a popular brand both among younger and older women and their clothing is often timeless and of high quality, which means that it is definitely clothing that you can easily purchase if you are looking for something that lasts longer.

The Nørgaard stores started back when Mads Nørgaard's grandfather, Mathias Nørgaard, opened the store at the address in Copenhagen, where the store is still located where mourning was sold. In 1958, Mads' father, Jørgen Nørgaard, bought the store where he sold young and modern multibrand clothing to women. In 1986 Mads Nørgaard clothing brand was launched. Today, Nørgaard on Strøget and Mads Nørregaard are merged, and both men and women's clothing is sold here. Their brand is known for diversity among the employees, in ethnicity, age and type.

Nørgaard on Strøget is known for their # 101 T-shirt, which is also award winning. This is both a favorite among young and old, and it is especially known for their signature stripes, which Mads Nørgaard clothing is often characterized by.

Are you crazy about Mads Nørgaard clothes, or are you just looking for a fashionable store where you can find the latest fashion? Then Nørgaard on Strøget is a sure winner when you go out and look for new clothes. The central location makes it easy to get by, if you are on Strøgtur.

Contact info

Telefon: 31 21 48 26

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 10.00 - 17.30
Fredag: 10.00 - 18.30
Lørdag: 10.00 - 16.00
Søndag: Lukket