Madam Hair

Madam Hair

Since 1984, Madam Hair been firmly placed on Hasseris center. Since then, the salon has been known for its always cozy and nice atmosphere, and hugely creative and especially professional treatments. In addition to meeting with the always smiling and happy staff, it is important for the staff at Mrs. Hair that you do not feel like a customer but as a guest who is ready for a performance second to none.

To create the right result that you are happy with, it's talented staff obviously focused on you and your hair. A good chat about you and your hair, and not least the expectations of the treatment is essential - and this is very characteristic with just Madam Hair.

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Precisely through dialogue helps the professional staff for that you get the hair you want - for every day and for special occasions. It is important for them that you are not just happy for your hair when you leave the salon, but also in everyday life. They also look forward to you coming back - Madam Hair collector of happy customers!

As a hairdresser you have to constantly keep up with current trends, therefore keeps the hairdressers at Mrs. Hair always updated, and part of the staff teach even other hairdressers in hair dye products, hairstyling mm. At Madame Hair you will always be treated with the latest technology, whether it is in dyeing or spa treatment, such as olaplex, or attachment of extensions, you can always expect a super professional treatment.

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Lene Winther Brok Dorff - "One enters, sits down in the chair and immediately brands the cozy atmosphere. There are always provided good guidance or hairdressers are professionals. It's great EVERY time - and I am always there with a smile "

Ane Bager Korsbro - "Without a doubt Aalborg's best hair salon - I love it! :) Good atmosphere, great staff and delicious coffee - as good as it gets no better;) "

There is no doubt that you are in the best hands when visiting Madame Hair, and we highly recommend a visit to Madame Hair middle of Aalborg. The great reviews of the salon speaks for itself, and the smiling hairdressers look forward to meeting you and your hair, so there is no reason to wait!

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Hasseris Bymidte 7
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 18 38 86

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 08.30 - 18.30
Fredag: 08.30 - 18.00
Lørdag: 08.00 - 12.00


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Madam Hair
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