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Are you in a situation where you either have to buy a birthday present for a friend, or do you want to pamper yourself after a tough exam period with a high quality piece of jewelry? Then it may be that jewelry from the brand Moonstone is just the thing for you. Moonstone's jewelry is unique and has a sophisticated look that many people really love. You will find the moonstone in Copenhagen on Ledergade No. 36th

Jewelry is always a sure hit when it comes to gifts or self-indulgence. Most people can agree quickly. Jewelry often adds some personality to one's style, and many people therefore decide on what jewelry they wear. At The Student Guide, we believe that Moonstone is a good bid for a brand of jewelery, where price, design and quality go up in a higher unit.

Moonstone is a jewelry brand that can offer high quality jewelry to their customers. The brand follows the trends of the time, and you can safely say that the brand also has attention to detail. The jewelry is designed with a focus on balancing today's trends. This is done in a graceful way that gives the moonstone jewelry their distinctive character.

The jewelry designer behind the Moonstone is Lotte Venø Callesen. There is no doubt that jewelery designer Lotte Venø Callesen has created a very special style for the Moonstone that makes the jewelery different from many other jewelery brands we know. All of the jewelery from Moonstone is first and foremost designed in Denmark. When it comes to the processing of the jewelry, this is done in the Indian city of Jaipur. In Jaipur, the Moonstone has their own silversmiths and goldsmiths who work with the jewelry. By focusing on both the right design and craftsmanship, Maanesten has thus created a style that is unique.

The selection of jewelry at Moonstone is really big. You will quickly experience this if you take a look at the Moonstone's own website. Overall, you can choose from a sea of silver and gold jewelry in various shapes and designs. On the Moonstone's own website, in the various shops and at the many dealers, you will find a wealth of different rings, bracelets and necklaces. In addition, Moonstone regularly launches new and exciting jewelery collections focusing on different themes, seasons or similar. There is thus ample opportunity to expand your jewelry collection with the beautiful jewelry from Moonstone. In addition, jewelry is generally a great gift idea that we can highly recommend. Most people will most likely be happy for a new piece of jewelry. Especially when it comes from a brand that can offer high quality. If you have some doubts about which piece of jewelry you want to give as a gift, you can also choose to buy a gift card for Moonstone. This can be a really good solution if you know they are crazy about the Moonstone universe.

Moonstone also offers a selection of other types of accessories. Here you can Find a selection of computer sleeves, toiletry bags for storage of makeup and buckles or elastic bands for your hair. These accessories are also characterized by designs that fit into the exciting universe of the Moonstone. If you think these accessories sound like something to you, then you can also find these on Maanesten's own website.

Many brands are keeping up to date on social media, and here the Moonstone is no exception. This is only of great benefit to you. In addition to having a website, you can find Moonstone on their Facebook page and through their profile on Instagram. Here you can keep up with exciting news, launch new collections and more. On Instagram, you can also search for photos with the hashtag #maanesten to be inspired by other customers who have purchased jewelry from the Moonstone. Here you can see how others have styled the jewelry.

To see pictures of Moonstone's unique jewelry, visit the brand on Instagram via the link .

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love? Then it may be that a moonstone jewelry is exactly what you are looking for. Moonstone has a great selection of unique jewelry and you can almost be sure to find a piece of jewelry or two that fits your unique style. The jewelry also has reasonable prices, which is also a big plus.

If you are interested in buying a moonstone jewelry, you can find these many different placesis. On the jewelry brand's own website you can find a list of the different dealers. If you do not have a retailer nearby, you can also fortunately buy the jewelry from Moonstone online through their website.


Læderstræde No. 36
1201 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 70 70 79 27

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 10.00 - 17.30
Torsdag: 10.00 - 18.00
Fredag: 10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag - søndag: 10.00 - 16.00


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