Lillian and Dan Fink's Fund

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Social Sciences
Health Sciences
Technical Training
Artistic Educations
Youth Education

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Application deadline

2nd quarter


The fund's objective - is to promote the dissemination of research and development results in order that scientific advances utilized in business and culture.

How to apply for the scholarship?

The application should be brief (max. 1 A4 page below. Annex); budget and possible. press offers enclosed. The application must include information about the other funds / grants that are searched for the same purpose, and it must be disclosed whether sought grants for the publication of an academic dissertation; this is the case, please enclose a copy of the opinion, etc., and explains how the thesis is reworked for publication. There is no application form.


1 April and 1 October


Applications should be sent to: Lillian and Dan Fink Foundation Academy HC Andersens Boulevard 35 1553 Copenhagen V