Quick Traffic School

Quick Traffic School

At Quick Traffic School you can take the license for both car and taxi, or regain your driver's license. We attach great importance to our students become good drivers in traffic, and that they have a pleasant teaching on their way to a driving license.

Why choose us?

Here some definite advantages to take your driving license with Quick Traffic School

Flexible teaching: Køreskolen makes use of the latest and exciting aids in theory classes. It is a combination of 3D animations, video sequences and individual teacher education. This also makes it possible for you to decide how fast and when to carry out the program, as you can take exactly the theory lesson, you've reached when we have theory lessons. So you're not locked to follow a particular team. In addition, there will be evaluative theory tests every Thursday from 18: 00-20: 00, which will be reviewed on a big screen.
No binding legislative packages: If the student wants to stop or change the driving school, so pay driving school the part of the legislative package back not used - package discount will not be refunded.
Quick course: You must have the license in a hurry, we will make an action plan with you the first time you show up. That is to say that we agree all driving and theory in advance so you are aware when you can get up to the theoretical and practical test.
Central location: Driving School is located at the junction Blegdamsvej / Tagensvej, near the Panum Institute and the National Hospital. Bus no. 3A 6a- 42-43-184 go straight to the door, and we are close to Nørreport. and the Baltic Port st.
Member of DKU: Quick Traffic School is a member of the Danish Driving Instructor Union, which gives the student access to the appeal board and Guarantee Fund. This is your guarantee that the driving school follows the, at any time, current rules and laws.

If you think it sounds exciting so you are very welcome to come for free intro and teams start every Monday, 18:00 to 18:30, if the timing does not suit you then call tel 35 35 54 55 and we will negotiate different times where we will tell the driving school, teaching and driving license course and you will get answers to your questions. We look forward to helping you with the license.


Prices for taking a license in the Quick Traffic School is sensible and here are the most common deals:

large package
Unlimited theory course to pass theory test: 1.690, -
Unlimited Evaluative tests: 0, -
Access to On-line theory tests: 0, -
4 lessons on handling track, car and insurance: 1850, -
4 lessons on road safety center, car and insurance: 1.950, -
16 driving lessons on the road (a 325, - per lesson): 5.200, -
Discount: -2700 -
Total price: 7.990, -

You can choose to share the payment into 2 and simultaneously take advantage of the offer. Are you between 18 and 25 years, so you automatically receive 1 year's free membership of YOUNG FDM .

Member of DKU

Driving School is a member of the Danish Driving Instructor Union (DKU). This is your assurance that the training be conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. It also gives students access to the appeal board and Guarantee Fund, ie you guarantees you free right of appeal. DKU cover all your costs associated with possibly. complaints about teaching.


Blegdamsvej 42
2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 35 35 54 55
E-mail: mail@kviktrafikskole.dk


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