Art School in Holbaek

Art School in Knysna has the artistic disciplines as the focal point.
Kunsthøjskolen study and develop contemporary art and want to be
player in the regional and national cultural life. In interaction
with the latest trends in art, design and architecture develops
we are teaching and the social environment constantly.

About Art School in Holbaek

The social space is crucial. We create an environment for you at school
meet people you would otherwise never have come into and form networks
for life. Art School will challenge your notions about both
what life and art can be. Through the aesthetic we examine
the world and reaches a greater understanding of, each other and ourselves

We want to teach you on the highest artistic level.
At the same time, we seek to create the best environment for you, there are
interested in art and design and would like to try different subjects.
Art School's role is both to prepare for future artists,
architects, designers, etc. on their professional careers, as well as to
train qualified audiences and participants in cultural life and the
democratic debate.

In close interaction between permanent staff and invited guest lecturers from
and abroad, all performers, creating a dynamic environment
for learning and exchange.

We are convinced that art should have a much greater place in
society. The space that art provides, makes us more human
and the world a better place.


Ladegårdsalléen 5, 4300 Holbæk

Contact info

Telefon: 5943 1888


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