Art History - Masters

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen SU berettiget Masters 2 year Gymnasiel University of Copenhagen
City Copenhagen
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Masters
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution University of Copenhagen
Art History

The 2-year study in Art History is all about classic art from antiquity to modern art that characterizes our time. You will be presented with the theories behind the works of art and with the knowledge you have from your Bachelor's degree you can critically relate to characteristics such as design, aesthetic, historical issues and the interpretation of the artwork's message. You will not be trained to create art only analyze and interpret it. By contrast, you get an intimate knowledge of the processes that are an indispensable part of the creation of a work of art. Tuition is based on the theory of the bachelor's program, but will fast more advanced and you will soon be more than a guest in the world of art. You develop a lens where you can express yourself both critically and scientifically on all forms of art and possibly compose posts in scientific journals. After handed specialty you can rightly add the title MA for your business card.

Art is a mirror of how man sees himself and his world, expressed through example. a painting, through design, sculpture and video art. But what is it that makes art for art and what is the relationship between work and the concept of art, between work and viewer, and between art and the public? The study history of art is for you, seeking clarification on these issues and for those who want to work with art and visual culture many forms - from antiquity to the present day.

The studio consists of much reading and many things to be seen. You will during the study acquire a broad knowledge of periods and themes in art history. Here you will be familiar with the styles and national differences that characterize different eras. At the same time you get to work with defined thematic studies that can go across historical periods. Here you have the opportunity to focus on what you care most for the field of study.

The key to the program is the dissemination of art. In all subjects in art history you come to work analytically to describe, understand and disseminate images, their meaning and context they are in. This will take you to develop your skills of reasoning and communication. You will achieve a concrete communication experience by building up a website, be a museum guide, or by teaching at a high school. As is made clear is the dissemination and analysis in focus on the study, and one is therefore not an artist of reading art history.

The teaching at the studio consists of both theory and practice. This gives you a first hand experience of the artistic processes that can be used in the analytical work. Parts of the teaching is hereby as studio teaching in small groups where you will be taught by performing artists and designers. The theoretical teaching is a mix of lectures and you and your fellow students, and a few hours of practice. All students will further study and social causes in a reading group.

Art History shares the building with other aesthetic subjects such as literature, music, science, dramaturg and aesthetics and culture. Among the splendid study include concerts, performances and poetry readings to. Scandinavia's leading art journal, Passepartout, also belong to the subject. Of course there will be on the study also organized celebrations, Friday bars and travel.

Job Opportunities

Teaching at colleges etc., jobs in art museums, cultural institutions, galleries and exhibition halls. Jobs in media, advertising, design and experience centers.

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