Constable in Logistics Troops

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements
Aalborg Lønnet praktik Danish Military Educations 1 year Folkeskole
City Aalborg
Student Scholarships Lønnet praktik
Category Danish Military Educations
Duration 1 year
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Constable in Logistics Troops
As a constable in Logistics troops trained you in basic soldiers skills like shooting, first aid, fight, signals and sports. Then you need to specialize as a constable in logistics troops. Here retrained you to the many milli tary vehicles become aware of various ammunition and training in ambulance transfer and in health care, depending on the choice of education line. As a trained constable in Logistics troops you support milli tary operations using. Delivery of supplies, management of transport of fuel exit of the sanitation tasks, ammunition Service and salvage tasks. Depending on which of the two lines you select during training will mainly work with ammunition and transport of heavy vehicles, or with health care, ambulance transfer and pretreatment. As a trained constable in Logistics Troops must expect to be deployed for 6 months at a time every third-fourth year.

Job Opportunities

Constable in Logistics Troops

Special admission requirements

Written session test, physical examination and a final interview.

Application deadlines

Please see: Defence education website