Young Conservatives (KU)

Young Conservatives (KU)

KU Kolding is the ultimate coolest youth political association in both Kolding and the rest of the country. The competent board shall ensure that there is time for the Wednesday meetings, both lectures, debates, plain talk, poker, etc. Takes place.

In KU in Kolding, we have the coolest rooms. Newly renovated and newly furnished - of course painted in the conservative, green colors. In connection with the premises we also have office which mostly used as a storage room, a meeting room and our genuine home-made poker table with green felt and purple edges.

As a member of the University will be guaranteed more aware of its political stance than otherwise would be. As KUs you not only a lot of political and societal inputs from town councilors etc., It is even helping to shape policy. When KU running campaign, it's something you feel around in the media. Over the past few years, the University has run numerous national campaigns, capitalist, Solidarity, Tax Man and GOLene are a few of the major campaigns, there are hundreds of individual case campaigns.

All of this is something that can be used on one way or another in everyday life.

As KUs you not only a political perspective, you get an entire network. Besides the many members of the University in Kolding, one can also get in touch with people from the rest of Denmark.
We have a well-stocked bar and keeps some pleasant events. Eg. we hold every year our gangster party where everyone KU'erne from Kolding and all other KU associations are invited. Gangster party celebrates 30's American speakeasies, with cool suits, girls in boas and cocktail dresses, wide-brimmed hats, poker and high cigar lead. Other such events organized by KU Kolding in the past year may include: include: KU Open Bowling, Boo, political self-defense, the annual Christmas party, etc.

Are you a member of KU Kolding is one member of an association under the Young Conservatives (Kulo). Throughout Kulo have the opportunity to develop his skills for those who wish. Kulo often organize trips abroad for almost no money. This year, a bus full of expectant KU'ere sent to Prague and came home many experiences richer.


Brostræde 3a, st.
6000 Kolding

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