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Want to try something different and special? Then you should definitely make your way past a street food market. The phenomenon has, over the past few years, entered the Danish food market, and has become quite popular, which is quite understandable ! In street food markets you can find food from all over the world. If you want to visit an exciting street food market, then you should definitely make your way past the Kitchen Factory in Aalborg, which is located on Skudehavnen in Vestbyen , closer to a dressage Skudehavnsvej 35-37.  

The kitchen factory is Aalborg's first permanent street food market. At the Kitchen Factory, gastronomic experiences and local produce are top priority, so you can be absolutely sure that your dining experience will be good, as the food is of high quality.   

At the Kitchen Factory there are 16 different kitchens, all of which cook authentic food with inspiration from all over the world. So you will find a lot of different food and you will not go in vain. There will definitely be something that will make your mouth water run! In addition, you can get a lot of different drinks for your food from one of the different bars that make everything from cold to hot drinks.   

However, food is not the only good reason to visit the Kitchen Factory. The place itself is an oasis where quality and comfort set the framework for a good dining experience. The atmosphere is thus very special and super charming . Aalborg Street Food Kitchen Factory is thus a place that is ideal to visit with friends, family and colleagues. And good atmosphere and good food, you do not say no thanks!   

From time to time , there will also be other experiences to come, other than just the food experience. Besides the food hall there will be an event hall where concerts, lectures, comedy and many other exciting events will be held. Also an arcade hall with arcade machines can be found at the Kitchen Factory for the young people who are interested in this. There will also be a lounge area focused on board games where you can meet with family and friends.  

If you want to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful Danish summer weather, then they are also possible, and then it is over-bought with a view of the harbor and with outdoor bar, so there is not much to drink. Whats not to like?  

Everyone is welcome at the popular Kitchen Factory, and there will be something for everyone!  

On their Facebook , the Kitchen Factory gets 4.2 stars out of 5 possible, which testifies to the excellent experience it will surely be to visit the place. So it's just about taking your friends, your family or d  


Skudehavnsvej 35-37
9000 Aalborg

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Alle dage: 11.30 - luk (kan variere)


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