Copenhagen School (KEA)

Copenhagen School (KEA)

At Copenhagen School you can find a variety of professional technical education. You can include train yourself to constructing architect, constructing architects (international line), construction technician, Survey and Mapping Technician, multimedia designer and production technologist. They are all in higher education and can take from 2 to 3½ years to complete. At the same time offered a number of training courses at the Copenhagen School.


About KEA - Copenhagen Business Academy

KEA - Copenhagen Business Academy's purpose is to develop and offer practical higher education at vocational level and professional level.

This is done in close cooperation with the region's business community and educational institutions in Denmark and abroad. KEA also acts as a knowledge center for public and private companies.

There are 4219 students and 332 employees at KEA.

History and background

KEA was established in 2008 based on the Act on academies, which was passed by Parliament in March 2007. KEA is a fusion of short and medium term education from Copenhagen Technical College, BEC Design, BEC Management, TEC and CPH WEST.


Guldbergsgade 29N
2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 46 46 00 00


Opening Hours

Mandag - Fredag: 9:00 - 15:00

Personlig henvendelse fra kl. 8:00




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Copenhagen School (KEA)
Copenhagen School (KEA)
Copenhagen School (KEA)
Copenhagen School (KEA)