The Copenhagen Boldklub

The Copenhagen Boldklub

The Copenhagen Boldklub (KB) was founded. 26 April 1876. In the first few years were only played long ball, but in 1879 introduced football and cricket, and from 1883 also played tennis in KB. Thus, KB continental Europe's oldest football club.

After a checkered career at various venues took to 1,893 plant in St. Petersburg. Markus Allé in Frederiksberg in use. This is about where Forum is today. In 1938 they moved to the current plant at Peter Bangs Road. Here are grown the club's three official sports - Football, Cricket and Tennis, while at Pile Alle plant, which began operation in 1917, mainly cultivates tennis. Over the years, implemented a continuous renovation of the plant and in 1989 was built a new tennis hall with five indoor courts at Peter Bangs Road plant.

Besides outdoor courts for the three sports and indoor courts for tennis, advises KB today also facilities for badminton, swimming, fitness and petanque. In addition, the club KB-Hallen and Fireplace hall, which held a number of sporting events and other cultural events such. concerts and exhibitions. Read more about the plants - click here .

In 1991, the B 1903 KB a landmark agreement on a new joint first team football with the name FC Copenhagen (FCK) and home in the park. From 1992 participated FCK so in the first division and has since won numerous championships Denmark - later won FCK in 2004 for the first time in the club's history "The Double" - winner of the Danish Championship and Cup. The team trains daily on KB's Peter Bangs Road construction and is still recognized as the club's first team, and thus constitute a model and an inspiration for the children and young talents as a trainer in KB. Read more about FCK on FCK's website - click here .

For readers who are interested in knowing more about the KB's history, it may be mentioned that in connection with KB's 125th anniversary was released book "KB - 125 years. A kaleidoscopic picture of a ball club and the city. By Allan Mylius Thomsen. "the book is 175 pages and can be purchased at KB's office at a cost of kr. 199.


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