King Chicken

Imagine this. You've been out drinking from sunset to sunrise. You have let yourself loose in Inner City and Nørrebro, and now you are in distress and have hardly returned home before you can feel hungry sign up. Where should you order food from? If you want good food that speaks to your stomach and wallet, order food from King Chicken at Amagerbrogade 111.

King Chicken Amager is a classic takeaway spot and rotisserie serving barbecue. The place is centrally located on Amager with various shopping and shopping opportunities nearby. If you do not come so often in the area you can buy food with and possibly. Go for a walk. You can walk down Amagerbrogade, past Christianshavn and into the city center and hopefully get rid of any hangover.

If you can't exactly go down to King Chicken, they also bring out. You can order at Just Eat or Wolt and have the food right at your doorstep. So if you just need to spend all day long, you can still get good food if you just order it home.

As the name sounds, it is arguably their delicious chicken King Chicken is known for. As it is a rotisserie, it means that their fresh, skewered chickens are made in a real rotisserie oven, such as when roasting pork or pork roast. That way the meat gets extra crispy as it gets fried in its own juice.

In the Middle Ages, rotisserie was one of the favorite ways to cook. You would usually have a waiter sit around and turn the food for one until it was cooked. Of course that is not the case today, but already in 1450 Paris began to make rotisserie, where it was a machine that roasted the food. Today it is very popular and widespread to use rotisserie when cooking chicken.

If it sounds delicious with a rotisserie chicken, there are various things to choose from. You can order their chickens as a menu and they are available in many different varieties. You can buy half a chicken with optional accessories for, but you can also get the popular hotwings or chicken skewers. If you want even more salt, you can buy pom-fries or a baked potato.

Although King Chicken is ideal for those who love chicken and barbecue, you can also get other food. They have sandwiches like chicken and bacon, smoked salmon and roast beef, where you can get different dressings.

They also have specialties such as Italian Grand Bread sandwich, which is sandwich with fresh Italian bread. They have varieties such as chicken, turkey breast and tuna mousse, so you have a little variety to choose from.

If you are more into the healthy kitchen, you can still get hungry. You can get various salads with tzatziki and hummus or a classic pasta salad with chicken and bacon, all of which are almost a fan.

Of course, you also need something to drink. There are sodas like Cola and Faxe Kondi, but they also have the slightly special Aloe Vera drinks. They come in different flavors such as strawberries, pomegranates and mangoes, so if you've always wanted to try the slightly fun beverage, this is the opportunity.

After the corona crisis, many restaurants have been hard pressed. Many have had to fire employees or shut down, and unfortunately there are many of the small, local restaurants that have gone beyond. If you want to support the restaurants, then we recommend passing by places like King Chicken and supporting local life. Copenhagen is not Copenhagen without the small eateries, so it is important to support them.

If you want to taste rotisserie chicken once and for all, you must pass Amagerbrogade. Whether it's for the hangover, or if you don't mind making dinner, you'll always get delicious chicken at King Chicken.


Amagerbrogade 111
2300 København S

Contact info

Telefon: 32 55 13 01

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 22.00