Jydsk Academic Idrætsforening

Jydsk Academic Sports Association is a football club for students who want to practice football and compete on the pitch.

Football training takes place in the summer months (April 1 to October 30) at Ellekærskolen in Hasle, while the rest of the year takes place on Katrinebjerg (by Stakladen). In JAI Football ambition is to make it as cheap as possible to go to football. As a student it costs 900 kr. For an entire season, and 550 kr. For a half. As a newly students can play autumn ready for 200 kr. All teams train on Tuesday and Thursday, and play fight at the weekend (7-man tournament is a weekday tournament).


Vårkjærvej 73
8260 Viby

Contact info

Tlf.: 6019 1074
E-mail: bestyrelsen@jai-fodbold.dk


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Jydsk Academic Idrætsforening