City Student Scholarships Category Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Aalborg SU berettiget Profession Bachelors Gymnasiel Metropolitan University College
University College South
University College of Northern Denmark
City Copenhagen, Aalborg
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Profession Bachelors
Admission Requirements Gymnasiel
Education Institution Metropolitan University College
University College South
University College of Northern Denmark

From time immemorial, this job has been one of the most important in order to help the birthing woman through childbirth and support her, so the birth unfolds as positive as possible and the child is checked subsequently whether there is any birth defects.

As a midwife, it is primarily important to remember that you can not push the baby out even, so the only thing you can do to help the mother, is to support and coach her and tell what she must do to work with the contractions and thus use the body's own functions to help the child on the way.

You get to meet pregnant at an early stage and follow them perhaps all the way to birth. Along the way you tell them about the complications that can occur and the scans to be made. Additionally, follow your child's growth by measuring the woman in the stomach, listening to the child through a stethoscope midwife.

You also get to meet pregnant women who do not want to know their birth, so you should advise them on the best possible solution. Your role is very motherly, inclusive and supportive perhaps also because it is often in the old days, mothers were responsible for helping their daughters to feed.

You must be able to bear to see blood and large amounts of it and you have to handle if you experience it unfortunate that the woman gives birth to a stillborn. It is therefore also a very emotionally craft, you must learn to deal professionally and collected.

You can also get to help feed many different places because the child does not have a set date to get out on, unless it is done by Caesarean section. Some people also choose to give birth at home, where you can be called out.

Training of midwives is as if the pregnant woman, the birth itself and to investigate and advise women before, during and after birth. There are lessons in childbirth learn anatomy, physiology, microbiology and what else is the health sciences relevant to become a midwife. The program varies between theory and practice.

Job Opportunities

As a trained midwife working most in a hospital, but there are also job to get as a teacher or in a midwife center.

Special admission requirements

High school (stx), higher preparatory examination (hf), higher commercial examination (HHX), higher technical examination (HTX) or eux - all with chemistry C or biotechnology A.

Application deadlines

The program is connected to the coordinated enrollment system (KOT). You can apply for admission in either quota 1 or quota 2. The program begins on September 1st and February 1st.