Green Academy Aarhus

Green Academy Aarhus

If you know you have created something with agriculture or farming, the Green Academy Aarhus is exactly the right place to go and find the training that suits you.

The learning center offers vocational training in horticulture, agriculture and nature conservation, management training and jordbrugeteknologuddannelsen.

The subject areas such as Green Academy Aarhus focus on the horticulture, agriculture, environment and nature, agro-economy, technology and economy - read more about the programs here: Education and Training:

nursery Gartner
Greenhouse gardener
Forest and Nature technician
Agricultural Equipment Operator

management training:

Head of Production Agriculture
An entrepreneur Agriculture
Agricultural economist

agricultural technician:

Buildings and technology
Agricultural Economics and business management
The animal
Landscape and plants
Environment and natural
Crop Production

Open education:

flowers Binder


Damgårds Allé 5
8330 Beder

Contact info

Telefon: 8747 5700

Opening Hours

Mandag-torsdag: 8:00-15:00
Fredag: 8:00-14:00


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Green Academy Aarhus
Green Academy Aarhus
Green Academy Aarhus
Green Academy Aarhus